these few days of travelling in spain, make me realised that how important travelmates to me. I think I am quite an everchanging person. everything just depends on my mood…this spain trip is nice i mean, we use up all the time here and end up sleeping only for 3 to 4 hrs each day. now i understood how my age affect me….miki is just so energetic all the time and feels like she is young and innocent here…its like me and clara should be the ones to lead her which way to go.

anyway one thing about having some international fds is that u can travel in their cities and they can be a “guide” for u. Saki is just so amazing and we don’t reli feel like we are travelling in barcelona. We just feel like hanging out tgt in a random day in barcelona.

its so hard to deal with fds being robbed…i know C’s feeling after these two days now…its just so complicated…i feel like i m stupid not to remind them more or just to watch out for them but in another way, i would think they cnt learn if they nvr encounter this kind of situation.

but then, i felt like i could nvr take care of myself in my whole life….


新一年, am i ready to be 24??

plz show me the way, bella…



一個人不”說話”, 他會剩下什麼? somebody become nobody, yah its quite easy.


wt is the point of being in here, if i m only allowed to stay here?

wt direction should i head to?

請把我送進自己簡單的世界裏。 /正職做人/